Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Caught red handed

These innocent looking individuals were caught literally red handed Saturday morning at 6 am with their fingers smashed in the top drawer of this dresser
which had been pulled over onto their (thankfully sturdy) cribs (by manner of pulling on the top drawer in order to empty it of all socks and accessories) luckily missing their heads and breaking none of those same hands but causing terror in their caretakers due to the fact that these items

were upon said furniture and also dumped in and around the same cribs of the criminals identified above. Although no fires were set, fingers chopped off by fan blades nor expensive camera equipment damaged, consequences must follow criminal behavior or else society may feel we are condoning such actions by individuals of a diminutive size. Thus:

Incarceration for the duration of all sleep periods henceforth.


  1. oh my god! I would so have those if I had triplets!

  2. oops!! "solitary" confinement!! glad they were safe and I totally agree, need to keep them safe and confined!!


  3. Oh, yeah. That'll work.

    For about a minute and a half.

    Duct tape.

  4. What??!! My Grandchildren were naughty! Hard to believe? Nope - they can be very "creative"!!

  5. bwahahahaha! Although I assume they will figure out how to get by the crib tent since they'll have nothing else to focus on but the tents. sigh....a losing battle, dear. Losing. Battle.

  6. Crib tents have been a saving grace for us.. I have had two for the past year (for my two climbers) and they have worked great, thankfully. Number 3 just figure out how to get out as well, so I just got another one. Just not ready to do toddler beds yet!