Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Murphy's laws of too many children

1. Just when you get the baby to sleep a triplet will wake up. Especially if it's 3 am.

2. Once you get the triplet back to sleep the baby will reawaken or you just won't be able to sleep.

3. If one triplet awakens and screams for 10 minutes, no one will awaken......until you have gone back to bed and are juuuuuust falling asleep. Then triplet #2 will awaken.

4. When an illness descends upon the family each kid will get it 2-3 days apart so that you have a minimum of 6 days of high level whininess. Meanwhile you will also get the stupid cold but no one wants to hear you whine.

5. At least one child out of 4 is having a bad day EVERY DAY.

6. What one kid has, every kid must have. RIGHT NOW.

7. Even though everyone has one it's still not the one they want.

8. There's never enough.

9. If mommy's doing it, I want grandma to do it. If grandma's doing it, I want mommy to do it.

10. I don't care if I liked it yesterday, I don't like it today.

11. There are always more problems than you have hands to handle them.

12. At least one kid probably hates you every minute of the day.

13. Everyone on the outside thinks you're mother of the year.


  1. An excellent tutorial for everyone with too many kids. You are absolutely correct on every count. Many of which do not go away as the kids get older (reference mostly #10, 11 and 12).

    13, though, is elusive, in my humble opinion. But then mine were further spaced, so I didn't get the sympathy thing. Everyone just assumed I had forgotten that you could buy condoms at any minimart.