Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally, a cut

The Before J, B, A

The Waiting

The After A

The After B

The After J


  1. Ahh so cute. The after J doesnt look so impressed mind you! We are so lucky that my sister-in-law to be is a hair dresser so we get free cuts everytimewe go and see her. As youngling knows her so well he sits very nicely for her and thankfully it isnt too much of a drama.

    They look lovely, take care, KC xx - always welcoming new followers, guests, and comments xx

  2. Did you save all the gorgeous tresses for your scrapbook?

  3. OMG. B is so cute with his "little man" cut. And A's waiting pic is awesome.

  4. They look great! I cant believe how BIG they are getting! They look bigger than mine....

  5. They look great! And J's smile...seriously, could it get any cuter?

  6. Cute kids and cute cuts! My trip's are also two boys/one girl. Why does that confuse people? They are nine now and I still have to explain that my boys are not twins. I think my girl got a little extra testosterone when she was with them for so long, because she can clean their clock like nobody's business.
    Love your family shots! Peace,