Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anyone still here?

Hi folks, how ya been? Don't remember me? Well that's ok because I"m not the same person I was a year ago. A year ago I was stuck in a horrible temporary apartment, crammed in with my 4 kids, struggling to keep my sanity, 50-60lbs overweight, feeling ugly to my core, about to lose my marriage and sick to my very soul.

Today I am none of those things. I have had lots of "learnin's" my friends. Lotsa.

I am in a big, beautiful house. I am exercising regularly and enjoying it. I am eating better and losing weight. I love my husband better than before. I am a better mother.

And I am happy. Gloriously happy most days. Just alright on a bad day. I recently got a huge kick in the teeth and instead of falling apart and laying in bed moaning and feeling sorry for myself while eating a pound of ice cream with a spoon I took it and dealt with it. I'm still dealing with it, and the fallout will go on for a while, but you know what? I'm strong enough to handle it. I have my sh*t together. I'm ok.

I will be sharing my learnin's with you soon. But for now, lets do a photo or two to suck you back into my cute ass family.


  1. Good to hear an update from you and great to hear things are going really well for you with lots of wonderful positive things happening! Beautiful little ones who continue to grow (they have a way of doing that I guess :)

    Glad you have learned some things to help in the days, months, years ahead and progress was made on things you struggled with before!

    (I'm not really blogging now, lots of changes in our lives this past year, I closed my corgi blog and just set up another one when/if I have time to write. I check my Dashboard daily but really don't read too much but did see yours coming through and was glad to hear things are going well. Take care of yourself!)


  2. So happy to see you back. I occasionally would check your blog and wonder what happened to you. So looking forward to your "learnings!"