Monday, October 26, 2009

A night of learning and trampolines

I did it. I survived a night in a hotel with triplets with only minor injuries, and those were created by trying to plug my ears too vigerously. (why won't it accept that word? Is it not one?)

Yes, I am a proud single momma today. While the husband is away for a full week, I'm a single mom. Meanwhile, Great Grandpa and Great Aunt on the in-laws side were visiting in Petaluma where the in-laws live. Instead of driving up there two days in a row, a royal pain in the arse, I decided to spend the night at a hotel nearby. This would do two things, perhaps more, 1. keep me from having to drag them all the way home and up and down stairs at home two days in a row and 2. show me it can be done and if things don't go perfectly the world wouldn't end.

See I've been training myself about letting things go. For 20 months I've been scheduling these kids to within an inch of their lives. It was critical, or so it seemed, that everything go as planned or else I pick up the pieces the next day. When they were little and they missed a nap, it did seem like the world might end. Can you imagine three overtired infants? Not good. But these days? Three overtired toddlers are a pain the butt but it's survivable isn't it?

So the plan was to get over it if they didn't sleep well, or on time, or at all. Sure I was risking my amount of sleep too but I'm a big girl now. I can deal with that. Or else I'd better learn how, as an infant is on the way and probably determined to keep me sleepless for at least a couple of months. I got a suite at a local hotel so I could close the door on them and read in my bed after I put them down. Everything went ok with the exception of the triplets finding the pack n plays to be sorta like trampolines. Methinks we need a different sleeping option for future trips?

I was pleased to find that J and A fell asleep by 8, I had given myself a sanity deadline of 9 since they are never up that late. Sadly, that was not the end of the story. Apparently B got lonely? Scared? Insane? And cried for an hour from 8 to 9. I tried the sweet approach, after all, he had a cold starting and I gave him motrin in case his throat was scratchy. Although the way he was screeching would be more to blame if that was his problem. No dice. As soon as I left the room he was back at it. And it wasn't just crying. It was insane screaming, tantrum quality yelling, banging, rolling around and throwing himself from side to side with varying volumes, pitches and qualities of screeching/screaming.

It was impressive. Had there not been other children in the room, not to mention other guests in the hotel.

After the soft touch I tried the mean mommy approach. "You stop crying right now mister!" No workee. That boy? Thought he could get me to stand by his crib until he fell asleep. You think I was up for that? Yeah, no. So then I gave up. That boy screeched himself to sleep. Nothing worse than laying in bed trying not to listen to your kid scream. Sure doesn't work. Can make a person crazy I think. And B sure is good at it.

Not a talent I'm going to appreciate during his lifetime. Unless it gets him out of some kidnapper's grasp. Not to think about such things, but it's the only way I can think it might pay off.

Anyway, other than that weird tantrum business, we did ok. I feel like a successful single mom! I'm not saying I didn't have help, but I did 48 hours straight with the kids and survived. Yay me! The kids were a little off the day after, but overall, it was ok! Yes, the kids can miss some sleep, stay in a strange place, change up their routine, and they will do ok. In fact they had the best night's sleep ever the night after. I love it when they sleep well! Obviously.

Momma slept well too. Funny how not having a snoring, bed hogging, elbow possessing partner in bed with you augments the lack of toddler wake ups to give me a brilliant night's sleep. Today I felt rested! Woo hoo! Would that tonight could be so peaceful. Wish me luck!


  1. hoping tonight is just as restful! good for you for undertaking this! I knew you could!

    (I changed my signature line/picture for commenting on blogs; didn't want you to get too confused with who is leaving a comment :)


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now you know you can do it and they can do it. Isn't it so empowering?! My husband is gone a lot and sometimes it is a nice change of pace. Usually it is for the first 2-3 days and then I am ready for him to come home and help me again.

    Good luck!

    Oh- we just went to Peter's Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma and it was a ton of fun.

  3. During one of our hotel stays I found myself so much more worried that we would disturb other hotel guests than worried about why one of them was blowing a gasket. But got over it 'cause when am I ever going to see those folks again, right?

    Good luck on the rest of your single-mommyhood week!

  4. Are you happier relaxed? I am. ♥

    The word is spelled "vigorously" but we all know what you meant :o)

  5. See now I'd have never tried an 'o'. stupid word.

  6. You should be so proud! I know I am just being alone for 12 hrs, let alone two full days! Glad to know a hotel can work. I've been putting off any type of vacation for just that reason.

  7. Way to go, Mira! I haven't done an overnight by myself yet. I am terrified! Someday, maybe I'll be brave enough...

  8. Wow..good for you!!!! And I think it is so important to still get some "me" time in. Hope you are doing great. :)

  9. "Nothing worse than laying in bed trying not to listen to your kid scream."

    So very true.

    But also an amazing feeling to wake up refreshed in the morning. I hope the rest of your week is more like that!