Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not old hat to this girl

It's funny because most people would assume that since I've been through a triplet pregnancy, this singleton pregnancy would be all 'old hat' to me. Uh no people. I might as well be pregnant for the first time.

Because, you see, it's all different. First off, I had a great group of triplet moms I communed with at least three times a day on baby center dot com and so when I had some strange sensation I ran right over there and heard from 3 other people that they felt that once or yesterday too. This was fantastic. I dream that we will all get together in Vegas some year when the triplets are old enough to be abandoned by mommy as well as we are all done paying for 100 diapers a day. They are like my long lost sisters, these ladies, and we still support each other through the trials and tribulations of triplet toddlers that NO ONE else could possibly understand.

Also, my life was a wee tad different back when I was pregnant the first time. Strange twinge? I lay down. Abnormal pressure feeling in uterus? Lay down. Not to mention that I was being seen by a doctor of some sort at the very least every other week and that cervix of mine never had so many viewings in all its previous years.

When you're pregnant with one kid no one wants to look at your cervix until a head is sticking through. And laying down? Not an option with triplet toddlers.

So here I sit, with no doctors wanting to check my cervix and no pictures of healthy babies every other week via ultrasound and decidedly different sensations. You might think I'd be all casual this time around but I can guarantee you that when I was pregnant with triplets it NEVER felt like one of them was dangling their little foot down outside of my cervix and kicking me right in the coochie.

Oh yes. Almost like I'm being kicked from the outside, thats how low this kid is hanging out.

The poor triplets probably didn't have room to dangle, much less aim their little limbs all crammed into that tiny space. This kid is drifting about in a pre-stretched uterus and what a low slung hammock it seems to be this time. The dr said today that it very well could be that I'm funneling and the kid's foot is reaching pretty far down. I have a mind to retaliate a bit (DH is now thinking how easily he could help with that.)

So I spend a lot of time analyzing the various pressures and twinges and aches and agues that I am suffering because it all feels different. I'm less scared this time around but I don't feel like I know enough to be all worry free. And it is definitely strange to not have doctors wanting to poke and prod me regularly throughout this process. I never realized how reassuring it was to see those kids waving and jumping around on ultrasound all the time. This kid is just going to have to hang in there and give me some obvious signs if something goes wrong.

But I do not like feeling like a novice at a game like this. I suppose this is what children are for though, because the likelihood is that when this one comes out I will still be a novice. The chance that anything I've learned from raising the first three will pay off with the fourth? Not high. That would be too easy. I suspect a whole new game will be afoot then too. Got to keep momma one step behind don't they?


  1. Thanks, Mira! I'm totally on board with that Vegas thing :) I imagine it is strange not to have weekly confirmation that all is well. But at the same time, can you imagine going to all those peri appts again? And with the trio??? And once that little person arrives, I'll bet you'll be surprised at how much you really DID learn from your first three. Just wait and see!

  2. I bet you are much more relaxed with this new little bundle of joy. try to relax. You're going in for your checkups and all is well, right?? just enjoy this pregnancy of one :)


  3. I never thought of the pre-stretched uterus! And I'm on board with Vegas, baby! Now off I go to re-join bbc...seriously this time.

  4. Vegas? With no hubby and kids? I'm so there.....

  5. If you are still a novice after the 4th...there is no hope for me. LOL.

    I hope you are doing well! And I do hope you get that Vegas trip.

  6. There were several times during my second pregnancy where I really thought my daughter kicked through and that if I reached down I could touch her toes. It was very unnerving...especially when I was at work. :)