Saturday, December 19, 2009

An apology from a tired mom

Sorry folks, I can't post. In between cleaning up barf and diarrhea and trying to get 3 hours of sleep at night I just have nothing left. I know my ode to boogers was appreciated in the summer but I'm pretty sure no ode to barfing and pooping is welcome.

I'm tired.

I'm beaten down.

A week long stomach bug in triplets is not fodder for blogging of any interesting sort. My mind is cheese. Just thank the lord I have not yet caught the bug, however I doubt I'm immune. Pray for an end to this nightmare for mommy. I have got to get some sleep.

And I didn't win the photo contest. Poop.


  1. Oh goodness I hope you don't catch it. That is the worst feeling and I sure hope your little babies feel better soon!

  2. hugs to you; I'm sooooo sorry!! will keep you in my prayers

    I hope all feel better soon and you don't get it


  3. Aw Mira:-( Hang in there....I hope you don't get it!? I haven't caught up on your blog lately....and here your trio is sick, not fun!

  4. ((hugs))

    I hope you get some breathing room soon, Mira. You're doing a kick-ass job. (Even if it doesn't feel like it all the time.)