Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why do we even bother?

This exhausting exercise known as "getting their picture taken with Santa" is really questionable people. The kids don't enjoy it, certainly not at 22 months. In fact two of three were terrified of Santa. TERRIFIED people. Like he was an axe murderer waving his axe with imminent intentions of whacking them. So poor Santa had to give up his chair and sneak into the side of the frame where they didn't notice him as much as the dude behind the camera squeaking the Santa doll and all three of us caretakers had to get in the picture too. Sigh. Although, in the end we did narrow it down to just me and the kids with the killer in back.

Note the bribery of one santa teddy bear for B and one yellow cat for J from the Christmas shop out front. A was willing to follow the squeaky santa behind the camera though and put aside her holy terror for a minute.

I'm beat. They'd better love Santa next year or I'm over it.


  1. OMG Mira, you are TO funny.....SANTA an axe murder!? Ya well mine liked it this year....
    I love the last pic with Santa standing!!

  2. LOL! I know it wasn't fun at the time but this will be funny one day (like when they are 16 years old). I loved taking my kids to get pictures taken yearly so I could see how much they changed from year to year at Christmas. but I only had to deal with one that didn't like Santa at a time not three of them. Usually I'd say "you tell me when you are ready to take the picture and I'll put them in his lap and then you get that picture right now" and it would work. Because once they turned and saw where they were sitting the rest was history.

    give them a few years, hopefully they will learn to like him


  3. I gave up w/ODD--not worth scaring the bejeezus out of her, IMO :)

  4. So, I read your more recent post of comparing Christmas photos and thought, "Hey Mira, Where's Santa?" Then I scrolled down and saw this post and burst out laughing! My kids are equally terrified of that crazy Santa, as well. However, looking at your Santa makes me think that he was even scarrier! Did you see those teeth? Yikes! Of course, being that I am a dentist might make me the only one to notice those, but seriously? Just look at them! Scary! :)