Friday, December 11, 2009

Compare and contrast, a year has passed

One has to say 'Wow" no? Little 9 month old munchkins, large 22 months old kids. I imagine I look different too. Last year I was exhausted only from lack of sleep although they were finally sleeping through the night by 9 months. I was a heck of a lot skinnier and not pregnant. This year, toting around a 7 month belly and working through the 4th cold in a row of said toddlers as usual I think I might be more tired. Hard to say. I hope I seem happier!


  1. you look great in both pictures!! who knows what next Christmas will bring! your triplets might be brave to show off Santa to their little brother or sister (do you know what you are having?)


  2. You are all SO cute. I love these Mira.