Monday, March 15, 2010


Have I told you yet that my pediatrician said I could have a drink and not 'pump and dump' yet? Someone explain to me why there is not already a margarita in my hand?

For those of you who don't know what that means there's this idea out there that you have to have your drink and then pump your milk out and dump it so the kid doesn't get any alcohol through the breastmilk right? Now, anyone who has ever had to attach their particularly personal appendages to a machine several times a day for the express (ha ha) purpose of being expressed will understand how completely abhorrent it is to throw any of it away. It's like throwing away money or blood or something. I worked hard to produce that stuff, it is so not being thrown away.

And so, pump and dump was unacceptable. More painful than NOT having a margarita.

But now I get to drink again! Not that I was a big drinker originally, but there's nothing I craved more during pregnancy than a nice cold margarita. Good god, do I still not have one in my hand? What the hell is wrong with this scenario?

This is truly exciting. I'm just going to see how long it takes for my husband to see the benefits of getting a margarita into my hands as soon as possible.


  1. Hope one comes your way ASAP! Mine, too, for that matter.

  2. I drank wine (and the occasional margarita) while nursing all four of mine. They are none the worse for the wear. Didn't even make them sleep, dammit.

  3. Mmmm, how about a strawberry margarita - cheers!

  4. I'd say go for it and have one for me.


  5. Hell yeah it's exciting! Cheers!

  6. OK! So I read your blog before I think thru MoM and then today how do I come across your blog again? I googled VBAC After Triplets! Yep, I did and there you were! I'm so happy for you that things worked out just the way they were suppose to. Congratulations! He's beautiful!

    Our trips are 18months old and they didn't scare us enought to not want to do it again. So....our next transfer will be in April. I know this is premature, but after watching ALL of the BABY STORY episodes wondering if a bowling ball is really worth pushing thru the vajayjay, I thought I'd google it!

    So my new motto is...You can do it, so can I. Did you post on how your decision to VBAC came about? I'm sure there is a story there. I'll do a search, but if you have any info you want to pass on you can find me on my blog or email at

    Great job! Amazing!

  7. Hi Mira,
    Read all of your posts with VBAC info! I always forget I can search blogs for things!

    Did you get your Drink yet? Hope so! :)