Monday, February 15, 2010

A birthday picture

Fine, a birthday picture for you all. Just so you don't think that I never remember to take pictures of my children amidst my ever increasing misery and self centeredness due to an overdue infant. Of course I didn't take this picture either. So, perhaps I never do. Thanks nanny for taking some birthday pics! More to come from our Sunday birthday party at grandma's! To which I forgot to bring my camera so grandma has them all. So, once again I forgot.

Sue me. Or just cut this thing outta me.


  1. such a cute picture!!!! hoping it won't be long before you are holding your new little one :)


  2. cute shirts? where did you get them...or did you have them made?

  3. They are such good looking 2 yr olds! Hope they had a great day!!