Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Just in case you all thought my radio silence meant I was in the hospital giving birth, um, no.

I'm just pretty much cervically obsessed and no one wants to hear about that anymore. I mean obsessed. Any quiet moment I have I sit and imagine that sucker opening up it's great yaw and spitting this kid out. Every time I get nauseated, poop more than once or have some back pain I get excited. It's just that there is nothing else on my mind right now and I shall spare you the details beyond that.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I get the opportunity to at least try out laboring even if it ends in a c-section in the end. I have 2 weeks left to get going on my own. Burn me some incense, pray me some rosaries, I will take any and all spiritual and universal efforts on my behalf. I want this experience. I will be fine if I don't get it but I WANT it.

Updates as progress is made.


  1. Oh darling I really hope you get it too. The excitment of going to the hospital when you think the baby is coming (rather than fitting it into the OR schedule) is thrilling. I "labored" for a few hours with my first but had a c-section for both boys. Hang in there.

  2. It sounds kinda crazy when I read it, but I wanted it on my own too. I knew I was gonna have a c-section even if I got it going without intervention, but I still wanted to feel it, just once. I wanted to stop feeling it shortly after I started feeling it, but I did stay home to labor for like 5 hours before dragging my okay-enough-of-this-bullcrap-a$$ into the hospital to have the little sucker extracted surgically. Hope you get that pain too. You know, because you want it:)!

  3. Aw Man! I totally thought you were off having this baby! My fingers are still crossed for you!

  4. As a veteran of four, I have this simple comment:

    Labor is overrated.

    Good luck.

  5. I was wondering about you; I don't mind reading about your obsessions. I do hope you get a chance to labor without having to have a C-section. Lots of walking seems to help sometimes to get things moving