Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The brilliant Mr. B

Continuing in the triplet personality introductions:

This little blond man is clearly on his first ride as a human. It's hard to explain but the difference between the way he approaches the world and the other two make it clear he's never done this before. He just seems more clueless and curious and much more surprised by it all. He is the middle child, and as such I think he does have to fight harder for attention. He's not the responsible oldest nor the baby of the family. Supposedly middle children are peace keepers but I haven't seen any of that yet. What he is is totally full of mischief.

He has that thing going that is terribly dangerous for us parents, by which I am referring to the fact that you can be totally mad at him and all up in his face and he just smiles. That smile? Will knock you over with laughter every time. You have to do the fake cough/yawn/retch thing to cover the fact that you are about to explode while attempting not to smile. He knows too. He knows he's cute, he knows people smile back when he smiles at them and his smile is just beyond your imagination. It lights up the room. It has from the beginning been a special smile that just brings joy to your heart. I can't describe it adequately, let's see if I can find a picture.

That'll have to do but the camera doesn't apparently capture the smile very often. He's a very happy boy most of the time. I wouldn't advise being the one who wakes him from nap, but other than that? Happy boy. He had the most interventions in the NICU but none of my kids had much. He just looked like a little old man for a while instead of a baby and needed the bilirubin lights for jaundice and a little more oxygen. He resided on my right side during the pregnancy, all stretched out and comfy I suspect, oblivious to A's headstand and J's being crammed up top. He was more needy as a baby when it came to getting to sleep but we've established by now that he's just a night owl. He messes around in bed for at least an hour after the other two pass out but my bet is he'd sleep in in the mornings if he had the option.

This boy of mine is just snuggleicious if you ask me. He loves to be tickled, loves it! Will come back again and again for neck tickles, which I don't understand at all. But it makes him giggle in the most delightful way, so you gotta do it. He is a little slower physically than the other two, less coordinated and I suspect it's from my side of the family. We were not fast or talented on the field. Ever. He also gets the worst of every cold or flu. Tends to barf more, snot more, cough more. Seems as strong as the others but his body takes the insult worse for some reason. He also is talented at screaming until he makes himself barf. I'm not sure that one will pay off in the long run.

Overall, he is a joy to have around. He is going to be a good loyal friend and be fearless in general (watch him leap off of tables and you'll see) while also wanting lots of affection and appreciating discovering new things any time they are around. I look forward to watching him find his footing in this family since now there will be two middle kids!


  1. Wait- you missed "doted on by Auntie E"

  2. loved that smile of his; I think every family needs one like this precious middle child of yours; one that makes you laugh, lights up the room when he comes into it etc.


  3. Mira, you just described my Nicholas! I it cracks me up similar our kids are and the really funny part is Nick is my middle child. Huh, go figure! Love reading about the babies! Thanks for sharing.