Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The fabulous Miss A

Well every other triplet mom I know seems to do a blog about what each of their triplets is like so I figure it's about time and it's not like I've been a font of inspiration for my own self anyways. So, on the eve of their second birthday I present to you my fabulously interesting triplet personalities.

Beginning with the Fabulous Miss A:

It's hard to know if some of her characteristics are due to being the typical 'oldest' or being the typical 'girl' but she does seem to like being more responsible than the others. She picks up stuff and puts it away, loves to help clean up, sings the clean up song all day long in fact. She listens the best but that doesn't mean she doesn't rebel. She is just more interested in what we have to say. She often can be caught 'scolding' her brothers in complete jibberish but with the perfect inflections that let you know she's telling them what's what. She will also tell them 'no' when they're doing things wrong and try to stop them. She regularly shames me by sounding just like me when talking to her brothers who might or might not be misbehaving at the moment. It's humbling.

She is the ultimate performer. She shows everyone at music and movement class how to do it. She does the moves sometimes a step before the teacher and does them at home too. She may be the next Madonna, I don't know, but it sure seems like she likes the spotlight. She will be the first to warm up to strangers visiting and she will definitely show off for them if they smile at her just right. She is delightful to watch perform, dance, smile, run, giggle, and play with her brothers.

What surprises and sometimes worries me the most is her rage. Sure, most toddlers throw tantrums, but remember I have three brands of tantrum here. I can compare quite regularly. This girl gets A.N.G.R.Y. She will throw herself on the hard wood floor and bang her head with fury. You had better not try to control her because you will lose. There are ways to cope with it but I guess what I wonder about is the level of rage. I thought I was a child full of rage but I thought it was due to my circumstances with my parents mostly. Not that I'm parenting her perfectly but her rage is not due to the same things as mine and yet I recognize it personally. It is white hot and yet can be fleeting. Just stop trying to control the situation and give her a minute. She'll let you know what she needs. I respect it too, but it's scary as heck sometimes and, as a parent, I wish I could spare her such rage. Perhaps I will yet.

This girl is going to be amazing, that's one thing that is certain. She came out a fighter, butting her head against the exit for most of my pregnancy, growing the largest in a crowded womb and holding her head up while still considered premature. She wont take too much crap from these brothers of hers before putting them in their place. She is delightful, smart, defiant, beautiful, funny, strong and mischievous. She will make me laugh and yell and cry all probably in the same moment. I look forward to many years of trying to be the best mom I can to her!


  1. Cute post! LOVE her leopard print jacket. Hmmm.....guess maybe one of these days I ought to do a post like this. Are they really going to be 2?? Sheesh--that was fast.

  2. WHat a great post Mira! I cant believe they are going to be 2 already!!! Miss A sounds absolutely adorable and her smile melts my heart.

  3. she does sound like a very delightful young woman. I wonder if she'll learn to control her rage as she gets more verbal and independent.


  4. Great post! Ah, the agonizing fits of rage...I'm wondering if it's a girl thing...Cameron does the same while her brother's tantrum consist of just rolling on the floor for all of 20sec.