Thursday, July 30, 2009

About that award

So I am honored, nay, amazed and gratified, to find myself the recipient of an award. Not just any lady gave me this, but a fellow blogger. JennyMac at lets have a cocktail who has at least 8 billion more readers than I and yet finds me interesting. A blogger who writes and follows some of the wittiest and smartest blogs I've ever read and yet found me worthy of mention on a short list of her faves. Shocking really. The award is called Honest Scrap for honest blogging. I don't hold much back I suppose, so it fits.

And would I be a mother if I wasn't so self denigrating and humble? Pshaw. No really, I don't feel worthy because on a daily basis I write whatever comes out of my head and a lot of her other examples seem to create very intricate blogs with well thought out premises. Not I. Pretty much barf onto the keyboard. Ah well, to each their own, and I am not against accepting awards. However, they do come with work. And I do get to pass them on to other worthies, whether they like it or not. Now you get to see who my 'read every day' bloggers are, although that column on the right side of the page might already have given you a clue.

Here are the rules: First, the recipient has to tell 10 true things about themselves in their blog that no one else knows.

Second, the recipient annoints ten other bloggers with this prestigious award and advises them of their famed status.
They in turn give you a proper nod for recognizing their brilliance, and then pass the award along.

Ten things NO ONE KNOWS? Impossible. Everyone knows everything about me. Well let's see:
1. I was completely correct in guessing the genders of my triplets the morning of the ultrasound to find out. I mean exactly, not just 2 boys and a girl but A was a girl, and so on. Impressed me.
2. I really have a big problem with spiders due to one appearing on my shoulder while drying off from a shower when I was like 8. Actually it's not fair because it was a daddy long legs but sorry spidees. However, I will not kill one. I will leave the room and give it time to disappear.
3. I really wish I had the willpower or drive to be a vegan but I don't. I hate that animals suffer.
4. Breakfast is my favorite meal.
5. I inherited a bunch of money when I was in college but I donated most of it away (to the animals!) and then I put a downpayment on a house and that was the end of it. Did choose worthy causes mind you. Just felt guilty being handed a dead person's money.
6. I'm absolutely certain that God put the wrong color hair on my head and thus I dye it the 'correct' color which really does look better. When I was a little girl I also thought God forgot to put fat on my brother so he slapped it all on me. You should see the pictures that convinced me of this. It sure looks probable.
7. I was called 'megamouth' after a game they sold in the 80s when I was in grade school. Those who know me I'm sure can NOT imagine why. Sure sucked.
8. I used to be a christmas sweater and earrings wearing woman for quite a while. I think I was recapturing my youth, or rather recreating the holiday to actually be fun since it never was when I was growing up. I still wear the earrings so sue me. And I will wear a halloween t-shirt now and then. Whatever.
9. I talk to an astrologer once in a while so she can tell me life really will get better soon. I'm counting the minutes. She was right before when I needed a boost. Life did get better. And who doesn't need someone reassuring them sometimes. So shaddup.
10. I would have been a bio major but I refused to sit in labs all freaking afternoon on warm spring days. Really. That's why I chose history. No really.

So on to my list of 10 bloggers (I don't know 10 bloggers!) who deserve this award. Here's my best attempt:
1. Andrea at Smart and Sassy who probably doesn't want more readers, but too hilarious not to deserve some.
2. Ellen at Wear at Work who writes fashion advice and some very funny rants regarding fashion mistakes. Do NOT end up one of her fashion victims. She will get you.
3. Dumb mom over at Parenting by Dummies who is not just funny but supportive and a SITSta.
4. ck at Bad Mommy Moments who will not want this award but really is crazy funny and makes me hope my kids do the same nutty stuff she writes about. Even though it sucks sometimes.
5. Gibby at Lost in Suburban Bliss because she tells it like it is about mommyhood too.
6. I'm all out again.

Really, I read other blogs but they're not trying to get more readers I think, they're family blogs. I love all my triplet mommas but there are too many to list here and, again, I think this award is more for people trying to get a following? So don't get all whiney if I missed you. It's not that I don't love you. And if you want, comment and complain. I might remember I forgot to add you.

Thanks again JennyMac!


  1. Congrats on the award! Your 10 things are great!

  2. I love the #6 about the fat...LOL

    Enjoy a Totally Tremendous Thursday!!!

  3. Fantastic list! You deserve the award bc I would surely love to chat with you over cocktails. Have a great day.

  4. Love it! I think this column needs to go on your best list. And I wish I would have started my blog sooner to make your ten best list. Now it is 9am on the east coast as I am reading this which means you posted before 6am your time. I am truly impressed. I hope it wasn't because one of the munchkins kept you up! Will you be posting while on vakay? Because I'll miss you if you don't!

  5. Congrats on the award and thanks so much for passing it along! I feel so honored. Now, 10 things people don't know about me. Hhhmm...

    P.S. I bet we'd all LOVE to see a pic of you and the Christmas sweater!

  6. You deserve the award! Love reading the posts, as I have told you many times its like your looking inside my head. . . thats scary huh! =) I hope you will be posting while on vacation, I surely dont want to break out anymore snarky comments!

  7. YES to #6!

    I was supposed to be a redhead. How did He get that wrong? Didn't He know?

    Such a funny post.

    And thank you so much for the award and kind words. You rock!