Monday, July 20, 2009


So this weekend I got into a pretty good funk about the whole vacation thing. I looked up Disney Cruises, as if I could afford one, and found out that basically you need the kids to be 3 and potty trained, which, with two boys means at least 4. Which, with the proper math skills I can deduce to mean we are not going on a family vacation that I will enjoy for approximately 2 and 1/2 more years.

Kind of depressing. I put out a sad call to my multiples parents in the SF area to see if this was really true. I am craving a change of scenery. Dying for it. And yet, if it's just more work and I have to give up my morning help, then why would I do it? Is it really that refreshing to sit on a different balcony, perhaps staring at waves or a river, after the kids go to bed than staring at my tv at home? And if they sleep badly because they're in a new place? And if I can't keep them from escaping into the woods and so never get to sit down is that worth it?

I don't know. I'm trying to find a solution in some house I could rent on the Russian River or in Tahoe that has a fenced back yard, a different climate (anything different than cold foggy SF might be nice) and perhaps a beach, park or playground nearby or even better, a pool. There must be a way for me to 'get away' and feel ok about it. There must...


  1. If you go to Tahoe, I am so coming with you...

  2. Feel your pain. Haven't been on a vacay in ages. Not even sure if I even want to go anywhere, not with my travelling circus. But, I do long for a beach view:)

  3. I am counting the years/months/days/hours until I can go on a real vacation. It's looking pretty grim. How about a beach house in Santa Cruz or Capitola? Would your nanny come with (I know, $$$)?

  4. Hmmm...could you leave them with both sets of your parents? or brothers? or sisters?

    :o) Hope you had a Happy Monday!