Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kids and cats, the same?

How my kids are like my cats. Or vice versa naturally.

1. They chase each other around the house.
2. They fight with each other regularly, over me or random crap.
3. They all want to pile on me at once and none of them wants anyone else on me at the same time.
4. They prefer to play with garbage or wrapping more than the toys we spend so much money on.
5. I have to clean up their poop, pee and vomit on a regular basis.
6. They hate the doctor and practically claw me to death trying to get away from him.
7. They turn their nose up at half the food I serve them.
8. They destroy my furniture.
9. They want attention in the middle of the night.
10. They cry constantly while I'm fixing their meals, apparently not fast enough.
11. They writhe in agony while I'm trimming their nails even though I am NOT hurting them.
12. The Dr has to constantly explain their odd behaviors to me.
13. According to them I never spend enough time with them.
14. They tend to drool all over me.
15. They all have different personalities.
16. Oh heck, I love every messy, annoying, demanding one of them.


  1. I wish we could get a cat...Hubby is opposed. Can you believe yesterday's turn out @ Casa de Dummies? Crazy right?! Glad to see all my old standby's slipped in there too, though:)