Thursday, July 2, 2009

Compare and contrast

How my children are like my mom, or vice versa:
1. They use a walker occasionally, to practice walking.
2. They are very picky eaters and usually don't like what's being served by 'the house.'
3. They usually have to be told something 8 times and very sternly before they follow the instruction. Sometimes they still don't follow it.
4. They pretty much do what they want when they want to despite my best efforts.
5. They rarely consult me before invading my space or life.
6. They always get what they want.
7. They are always a mystery when trying to figure out what is wrong with them physically or mentally.
8. They don't like being taken care of but still cry/ask for it to be done and then act all stubbornly independent regardless.
9. They cry for me at inappropriate times of the night and day.
10. They don't listen to me, although I think I've already covered that above.
11. They constantly need to be entertained.
12. They require tons of shopping, paperwork, management, and general time sucking energy.
13. You have to love them anyways.

Thankfully, the kids are cheerful, pleasant, playful, fun and relaxed most of the time. I really do have great kids.


  1. Dude, they are so much cuter than your mom.

  2. What a great list and so true. I really never thought of it like that! LOL Your kids are so cute!