Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh crap. Literally.

Dear Huggies,

I hope my recent missive regarding the severe diaper failures I was experiencing with your overnight diapers did not reach you at an overly sensitive time. It seems that since that letter all size 6 overnight diapers (of which we use 1283 a week) have disappeared from store and online store shelves all over America. Perhaps you were not able to pinpoint my location and so had to punish the masses for my sins?

In any case, I should have thought that a company of your size and stature would be able to take a little criticism by now and roll with it. I didn't even ask for any free diapers or an apology, I just wanted to vent. And I suppose I did ask you to create a size 7 line for me, but that was just a suggestion. If it meant you had to shut down production of size 6 for a time, that would not be a good trade, so please let me withdraw my request.

In the meantime, can you please, please, return size 6 overnights to the shelves somewhere in the vicinity of San Francisco? Because, while I don't like visiting every drugstore and department store in the greater Bay Area, I will in order to have my children diapered properly at night. Naturally, a 'regular' diaper will cause me multiple wake ups per night, and that is unacceptable.

Whatever your terms, public apology, televised, youtubed, whatever, I'm pretty willing to comply with. And I can certainly promise never to complain about your product again (until my children are out of diapers which is a long bleeding time) if it makes you feel better.

I just freaking need some overnight diapers! Come on! Help me here! Please?


  1. That must have been a powerful letter you wrote in order for Huggies to halt production like that. Have you tried another brand? My sis-in-law is partial to Pampers, I think they make an 'overnight' brand too. Hope this helps a little!

  2. I can't imagine changing diapers x3. It seems mind boggling and overwhelming. I think Huggies should give all moms of multiples free diapers for a year. its the least they could do.


  3. To hell with Huggies. Bring on the competition!

  4. Can you imagine how people do it with cloth diapers?

    Yeah, me neither...

  5. I have never liked huggies...Pampers only and our 2.5 year old won't even get into size 4s because we are moving to training pants this weekend! Good luck!

  6. your 2.5 yo is in what size pampers? 3??? What are you growing there? A miniature kid? Mine are busting out of size 5s and they're 17 months. Wth? I also will not do huggies during the day but there is no overnight pampers that I've ever found. Maybe I should look again...

  7. for you...

  8. Somehow we got lucky when ours moved to eating more table food, they drink so much less now that we were able to go to regular diapers at night:) Have you ever tried a diaper doubler? They are hard to find, but they definitely help increase diaper absorbancy!

  9. Mira~
    We were using the overnight also until I realized the Night Time Pull Ups work so much better! I buy the 3T-4T.