Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free me!

There are so many triplet moms out there who do so much more with their kids than I do. I feel like I've been trapped inside my house for years since it started when I was an 800 lb pregnant woman. I mean, sure, we go to the park in the mornings and we've been to the zoo and the Discovery Museum in Sausalito (which rocks) but being on Facebook puts my life in a sad perspective. These women are off to lakeside cabins, barbecues, trips to mountains and beaches, playdates and relatives' houses far away.

What am I doing sitting on my arse? I thought it was a triplet thing that had me so homebound. You know, my usual shtick about how you all with the one baby can miss a nap and only have one crabby baby but I am NOT having three missed naps and crabby children. NOT. I mean I'm not insane right? Kids who have missed naps are miserable. Nightmarish even. They look like this:

Actually I have no pics of angry children because we never. miss. naps.

The one time I took a 'vacation' with the triplets about 3 hours north to a beach like area it felt like more work. I mean, I do have a nanny to help most mornings and on vacation? Not. So how is it a vacation when it's more work and harder than my 'regular' life? How would a lakeside cabin be any fun if I can't actually sit still on the porch and look at the lake? Except after bedtime? It just doesn't work for me. And as for barbecues, I'd have to run after children in someone's possibly unfenced backyard or a crowded beach area constantly. How do I enjoy that? I suppose friends would chip in and watch one or more kids for me while I stuff a little ribs in my face?

I mean I go to weddings where people get to bring their one beautiful moody baby but the couple can take turns. We can't! I couldn't get an appetizer down, much less a whole wedding dinner if I brought the triplets. So I guess I have to take my hat off to you much more adventuresome moms. You're amazing. You're fantastic! You're....out of your freaking minds! Or is there a trick? Tell me please? Because I have been counting the days until I can take the kids to carnivals and fairs and go on a freaking vacation and they still seem years away.

Oh but I AM going on a Disney cruise when I win the lottery. SO. AM.


  1. It really does look like he is saying FREE ME! LOL

    Stopping by from SITS.
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  2. Mira, I am right there with you. I.NEVER.LEAVE.THE.HOUSE. I was thinking the same thing when I read those posts. I will not miss naps, no way! I really dont know how they do it either. YOU do more than I do. I dont take the babies anywhere by myself. Maybe someday. . .

  3. Did I say by my self at any time? No sirree. Never by myself. Crazy lady.

  4. Don't feel too bad. Right there with ya.

  5. When my kids were little, I did enough worrying about being a good mom for all the moms of the world for the next million years so free yourself, you are doing just fine. Love your kids, hug them, kiss them, tell them everyday that you love them and forgive yourself (because they certainly do), get some rest tonight and tomorrow morning, start all over again, besides, I have already worried about it for you.
    I love the comments you posted at PBD, you are cool (I know...old school).