Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Worry worry, freak and scurry

It seems that some parents just need something to worry about, doesn't it? I remain a relatively calm mom and have called the doctor pretty rarely considering I had 3 infants simultaneously. I'm hoping to maintain that record through the years where boys regularly need stitches and knock teeth out of their heads, but it remains to be seen. But sometimes I wonder about some of the parents who post on my multiples boards and elsewhere looking for advice from other parents.

It just sometimes appears that they are almost looking for something to be wrong. I have had those moments myself where I think, crap, maybe since my kids have been healthy for so long I'm due for something truly terrible and life altering to be thrown at me. But I'm relatively certain that there is the possibility that one could actually have healthy kids with nothing wrong. Am I wrong? Could it actually be statistically possible to have three kids and not one of them have a medical problem that requires intensive treatment during their childhoods? Is it possible that I could end up with no learning disabilities, behavioral delays, motor skills delays or horrible childhood ailments?

Oh lord I'm tempting fate here but I think a lot of parents need to lighten up. The multiples group I belong to has an email group I belong to that is constantly full of parents wondering if their kids are normal or not. Eating, schedules, sleeping, walking, crawling, you name it, it gets asked about. My middle triplet was called dracula for a period of time because only his side upper teeth came out. Sure it was strange, and it's not how the other two got their teeth but it was hilarious! I didn't think that maybe he was missing his middle teeth. But you know what? Having multiples does teach you early and often that not one kid does things the same way. They didn't start crawling the same, sitting, walking, eating or anything the same way! So, the likelihood of all of your children getting their teeth in the same order? Nil.

I guess whereas I see the differences between my kids' development as a really interesting window into how different every kid is, some parents would see it as a cause for concern. The one who is last to do x might have something wrong. The one who doesn't 'keep up' may have an issue. Perhaps I'm just an optimist. My high school friends would find that hilarious. But when it comes to the challenges that life throws in my way? I seem to find the bright side, or the dark humor, in any situation. I think it's a healthy way to be.

So let me reassure you one more time, your kid is OK.


  1. Dude, I so wish B still looked like Dracula. That was awesome.

  2. Just wanted you to know that I thought of you today and chose your blog to recieve an award. You can pick it up over at mine, if you would like.
    (((hugs))) Sandy