Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This old house

Oh my poor house. First it has to suffer the indignities of three cats. Peeing in closets, barfing on stairs and under beds, pooping just slightly out of the litter box on the bathroom floor. What a life. This beautiful 1914 sophisticated house with original wood floors and doors and plaster walls. It was not built for a cat loving woman who lets animals be animals and presumes that if a cat is misbehaving it is the human's fault. How horribly unfitting for a grande dame of a house to have furballs ruling the roost.

But then it gets worse. Babies arrive. Not just one cute manageable tug with some misplaced drooling and smelly diapers but three. Three drooling, running, pooping, eating, food throwing, tissue scattering, cat chasing, garbage eating, sticky fingered children. Unmanageable. Except by the rule of gates and bars on the windows and locks and catches screwed into the original wood work on each door. Plaster drilled into and abused for the cause of children not falling down stairs, climbing up stairs, sticking fingers into kitchen appliances, touching breakables, opening windows, cracking open heads or generally not getting into places they are not allowed.

So here I sit in the prison that has been made out of a beautiful home. Gate after gate in door after door and stairwells as well. Latches made for smarter people than I, window gates, doorknob protectors and so on wondering, how the heck am I ever going to sell this house to anyone else with all these holes in it?


  1. Can you believe that my husband refused to child proof b/c of the exact issues you are expressing? We have to do this ridiculous gate leaning deal and the only cabinet he sanctions me adding a lock to is the one under the sink. I'd go for holey walls and locked windows any day to preven having to be my child's 24hr surveillance team. I have had to do some extensive training as a result. Actually, what I really have done is kissed every breakable item goodbye and replaced it all w/plastic crap that no one cares about. It sucks! As for the ALL, I find it very mild for our family. None of my kids are hypersensitive to numerous things (they all seem to be mildly irritated by one or two environmental things), so I'm not sure how it will work for someone w/a really severe allergy. But, it works wonderfully for us. Do you want to try it? I have an extra free coupon, if you email me I'll mail it to ya:) parentingbydummies@gmail.com

  2. I tripped over a baby gate one too many times so I understand not wanting to use them but needing too and mine gates were for puppies not kids, heh. Stopping by from SITS.

  3. Oh I can understand your situation, at least cat-wise. I used to have a kitty who was very fond of pooping on the carpet in my bedroom!! Yet this is how life is with your loved ones. Sometimes for you love you have to bear these little troubles, and in the end it's all worth it. You get to realize all this in the end when they are gone..

    Nice blog. I wish you the best for your kids, cats and family :)

  4. LOL - Our house was born in 1912 and we are looking to move to save her some dignity before that happens. We'll even take the two cats with us. :-)