Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

I would never have guessed how much kids are like cats until I observed it in my household. My triplets are always doing cat things. For example, the minute a new cardboard box arrives in the house, they check it out and climb in. They spend hours playing in it. More than with any toy I buy them. Which is also like a cat. The best toys are garbage or wrappings or packaging. Also like a cat, they bump heads sometimes as a greeting. Again, like a cat, they cry noisily when hungry. They tend to hurt you when they get over excited, with nails and teeth. Their poop stinks, they sometimes pee where they are not supposed to and they hate having their nails cut and going to the doctor.

Had I known that three kids would be essentially like three cats but with more work I might have reconsidered my choice to have both.


  1. the worst thing is when there are not three boxes but only one.

  2. Funny comparison! Not being a cat person, I never would have seen it! Love the box toys --- CHEAP!

  3. they say give a child a box and they are entertained for hours!!

    my ww: