Wednesday, June 16, 2010


(See update above)

Dear customer support team,

After repeated emails from me and repeated delays in my deliveries from you, here's why you have not even come close to succeeding in retaining my business as of yet:

1. You do not answer every email I send you, making me feel unimportant.

2. When you do answer an email you do not answer it completely, making me feel as if you do not actually read the email I took the time to write, but only skimmed it, filed it under "late order" and sent me a general response.

3. Because you did not read the entire email or research my order history, you continue to respond to my repeated emails as if I have had ONE late order when, in fact, my orders have  been late numerous times in a row. Therefore, your excuse regarding the lateness of that current order is insufficient to explain the pattern of late orders I am experiencing.

4. Your last email was written with grammatical errors and in improper english, making me feel as if you have outsourced your customer support to the lowest bidder, perhaps outside of the US, and staffed your support team with those unqualified to do the job. (See below)

5. You have failed to escalate my email contacts to a manager when clearly a valuable customer is about to be lost and a manager might be able to handle the situation better or, as suggested above, research the ongoing nature of my issues and placate me appropriately with a more detailed, expressive and concerned email response. 

In short, your customer support seems to suck, which truly surprises me. You are a huge company and mommy customers are your business. Mommies with 4 children, such as myself, have to be a great part of your business as we have no time to shop or visit multiple stores to get what we want and ordering from you is the best deal for us. I am truly disappointed in my contact with you as of late and can't help but wonder what is going on in your company that should lead me to have such a bad experience after 2 long great years doing business with you.

I look forward to hearing from someone above the position of customer care representative. Any managers listening?


On Jun 15, 2010, at 9:44 PM, Customer Care wrote:

Dear Ms. Mira xxxx,

I am in receipt of your email regarding your recent order being late and you wanting an answer as to why.  I am very deeply sorry to hear that you have been seeking an explanation that you have not been provided and also a little embarrassed.  The reason for the shipping delays we have recently faced is due to an issue we encountered with one of our shippers.

As the weekend approached, we approached an issue where one of our shippers never came to pick up our orders that were set to arrive for the weekend.  As a result, large amount of our orders were forced in being delayed.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to know exactly what orders were delayed until it came to our attention.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, and for the lack of response you were provided. 

As an apology for the neglect you were provided and the inconvenience of the order arriving late, I have placed a credit onto your account in the amount of $131.27.  This would make your next order on us!  I hope you accept my apology on behalf of  You are one of our most valued customers, and we wish to keep the relationship between you and us going strong.  I hope you have a pleasant night!


Customer Care Representative


  1. Sounds like your complaint letter scored you some cash. Now, let's hope they learn something.

  2. glad you are going to get your next order, when it arrives, free but it doesn't seem like a very professional written letter and definitely someone who might struggle with English as a second language. Is this one month's worth of diapers? wow! I bet you can't wait for potty training to take effect down the road


  3. I'm going through the same issue and over a week and they stopped responding. I can't seem to find a fax number or an email for executive management. Did you send your letter directly to the regular customer service line?