Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thanks dad!

My dad came to me in a dream this morning. And that's pretty hard to do when someone isn't actually getting any REM sleep. So I'm taking it seriously.

Actually I really needed it after the day I had yesterday. I knew he was dead so I was just absorbing his presence as much as I could, soaking in the normalcy of the conversation. He was telling me about how when he got into work that day all the people were running about flustered and kind of crazy and I was thinking to myself "I bet they were seeing as how YOU'RE DEAD AND ALL." I mean imagine if your dead co-worker showed up at work one day. You might be a bit confused.

And so he kept talking and I caught my Aunt Carolyn's eye (his sister) and was all gesturing at him and raising my eyebrows and she says "I know!" like how amazing is it that he's standing right there.

It was cool, because yesterday? Sucked for the most part. SUCKED.

There I was being so good and walking home from the doctor's office instead of getting a ride, despite the fact that there are no sidewalks on the main road (which I actually hadn't noticed ahead of time) so I'm walking on the shoulder of a very busy road like some kind of hobo/hitch-hiker and life throws me another curve.

In fact, when the sidewalks do appear, I fall off the curb like some sort of sleep deprived dork.

And all the cars slowed down to take a look at me sprawled on the concrete. It was a big fall people. The momentum was awesome. Both hands, one knee and onto the ass. Needless to say I lay on the asphalt for a moment and thought about crying. Like a big, blubbering, hasn't had a decent night's sleep in 2 weeks baby.

I almost did, but I didn't.

Because these days only my children can make me cry really. And when your day is going like yesterday? They almost certainly will. Let's just watch and see:

12:30 children return home to mommy
12:45 triplets put down for nap
12:58 first of threats given to B and A for not sleeping
1:15 J asleep, A and B still playing
1:30 After multiple threats, A asleep, B not, and R is due to be put down for nap
1:35 R, A and J asleep. B nowhere near. Remove blanket from B as punishment
1:35:01 B commences howling
1:36 B given blanket back to bribe him to shut the hell up
1:45 B still screwing around, mean mommy gets in face and threatens some more unlikely punishments
2:15 R awakens so excitedly that may have been given crack while mommy not looking
2:19 B still screwing around so mommy carries him bodily to master BR and dumps him on bed with threats not to move
2:19:01 B commences howling
2:20 Mommy curls up in fetal ball on couch and commences howling
2:30 Grandma arrives. Mommy hands off infant and heads to master BR to deal with B
2:35 more ineffective threats
2:45 mommy gets bright idea to lay down with B in bed and snuggle his ass to sleep
2:48 It works! WTH?
2:50 baby is yelling from living room. Yelling, yelling, yelling, yelling.
2:55 mommy extricates herself from B and goes to living room. Grandma stuck on a phone call. Crap.
3:00 mommy makes formula, picks up baby, heads to nursery and feeds and puts him to sleep
3:15 mommy says goodnight to grandma and goes to sleep on floor of master BR

And so it ended. Thank God it was date night and I didn't have to put them to bed. Cause it mighta gotten ugly.

And so today better be better. But I am completely convinced that my children are designed to make me crazier than the crazy I make all by myself.


  1. sorry about your fall!! ouch!! I hope someone eventually did help you!! what a "nightmare" trying to get the kids to take naps;it does seem like sometimes it is a losing battle, doesn't it?

    glad you had a dream about your dad; I think it is always nice to dream about our loved ones who aren't here with us any more; occasionally I'll dream about my mom, but in my dream, I always do remember she's dead too

    hoping today is a better day


  2. Who's idea was it to have four kids? I mean, really.

    Sleep is for sissies and men. Might be the same category.