Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slacker Sunday photo

I'd be scared if I were that kid in the middle

New hopefully diaper removal foiling jammies!


  1. Mira, they are so stinking cute! I love the first picture, so sweet. Those jammies are cute, where did you get them?

  2. What's with the ritual touching of the baby's bouncer?

  3. LOL; I think the baby in the middle is enjoying all the attention!! hoping the PJs do what they are supposed to; the triplets are tooooo adorable!


  4. Don't you wonder what your poor baby is going to think of his three overlords as he grows up?

  5. MAry - on sale at Gymboree and really small for the size they claim they are..

    Ellen - it's a wee tad of posessiveness

    Betty - unfortunately A had them off by morning two

    The Mother - I'm hoping one overlord will switch over to the light side and he won't be fighting them all...