Friday, September 4, 2009

deviant defiance

Defiance. It's amazing how young this process begins. I apparently have one very defiant child in my threesome and I'm still hoping it's just a phase, but really? It seems pretty serious. This young man will look right at me while I'm screaming all red in the face for him NOT TO THROW THAT TOY OVER THE BALCONY and smile and drop it. Right over the edge. Right over the edge of my sanity.

Two days ago at dinner I watched as he picked up a piece of watermelon, dangled it over the edge of his tray, and stared me down while I repeated the warning not to drop his food at least 88 times. After I stopped wasting my breath we remained locked in a stare down. Him, with his arm still straight out over the edge of the tray, ready to drop the watermelon, me, slowly growing in amazement over his defiance. The main problem is? It's kinda funny too. Staring contests are apparently not mine to win with this kid. I think I lasted a whole minute, but it was the longest minute I've ever lasted and then I had to laugh. I mean really? You're going to look right at me and do it anyway? Who are you?

I guess I figured I had a few more months before the brain process that leads to defiance of mom was going to develop. I certainly didn't realize 18 month olds already possessed the ability to tune me out when they don't want to hear me telling them not to rip the toy out of their sister's hands, don't take the toy, B I'm talking to you, WHAT ARE YOU DEAF?

I'm still praying it's a phase and this is not just me discovering which of my three children are going to drive me the craziest from here on out. I mean he's cute and all but my blood pressure is supposed to remain steady while pregnant. Deliberately defying me and ignoring my hollering? Not a good prescription for calmness. Not that he cares about the alien in my belly. At 18 months, triplet or no, I think it's pretty much all about you. And being a tripet? Isn't terribly fair because nothing is just yours is it? All toys get shared all the time. And why is it that the one toy you always want is the one your sister or brother is playing with? Sucks doesn't it? Ah well.

So I am trying to maintain the positive attitude that this is a temporary curse. Although by the 18th fight over a toy that I break up in one single day I am no longer able to follow the sane advice given by childhood development experts that says I'm not even supposed to scold them for not sharing because it's not an intentional thing that they could understand anyways. I'm just supposed to catch them sharing and praise them. For goodness' sake. When they're quiet and happily sharing? I'm resting! For 30 seconds! I'm not going to keep vigilant when I could be sitting down for a moment just so I can catch them behaving well! Give me a break!

Oh, being a triplet must suck. Even mommy can't do the right things. There's just too many of you. Sorry kids.


  1. Oooooh, yeeeeeeeah. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that 18 months was exactly when my first daughter's defiance and tantrums started.(Count your blessings that it only surfaced in one of your three!)

  2. Oh yeah, I can't imagine tantrums X 3!

    Happy Sits Saturday Sharefest!