Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That's all folks

Sorry I've been absent and I briefly thought about not writing today either. I'm alone quite a bit this week as it's the first week of life after having to cut my nanny help back by half. I'm in a funk about that still and spending any free time I have sleeping or vegging to recover. I was nasty purple faced mom last night again, due to being alone with the triplets all afternoon and them tromping all over that game. I hope that with more regular alone afternoons they will stop trying to make me insane during those hours.

Today I am excited as I am going for a second playdate in two weeks. Such unusual behavior! We are going to a park that is right behind a Starbucks so the highlight of my day is hitting the peppermint hot chocolate beforehand. No, no coffee for preggo me. I know I could have one cup but I never know how much coffee they put in their smalls so I just avoid it all together.

Let's hope the hot chocolate starts my day off well. Because last night's midnight changing of a soaking wet J and his sheets creating an uproar in the entire nursery was not fun. And it put me in a bad state for waking up this morning and facing the challenges of the day.

Here's to bucking up and making it through.


  1. I can't imagine how hard it is for you with three little ones around clamoring for attention and then trying to meet their needs; I hope you enjoy the playdate and that it goes well and that somewhere along the line you get a chance to rest


  2. Mira, can't you grab a decaf? Those were my special treat while pg with the trio. Now the caffeinated ones are my special treat for surviving life these days :) Hope the playdate goes well--I'm always interested to hear how other MoMs do it at the park alone!

  3. Mira, your doing great. Hang in there and try to rest when you can. I hope the play date goes well today and wears those babies right out. The afternoons with them by youself will get easier, I promise. =)

  4. You are rocking the HOUSE, dude. You are a great mom.

  5. Oh midnight sheet changes ... there is only one cure for that ... Starbucks ... any kind, any flavor ... must be in that cute white cup, though :) Hope your day turned out great!

    By the way, did I give you the link to my friend Deb's website? She's a triplet mommy, too - I think her darlings are about the same age as yours.