Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ha ha ha, oh. Damn.

It's hard not writing the same thing twice in a blog when you blog almost every day. I just finished a lovely rant about not cooking only to remember I had already done that a month ago. Nothing new in the recent one, so out it goes. Perhaps it was therapeutic to write it again. Still not cooking though. Clearly little improvement despite the encouragement of friends and 'easy' recipes from my triplet mom friends.

I guess that my concerns are limited these days. Perhaps there's a consistent small collection of things on my mind that rotate regularly. Guilt over not cooking, guilt over not spending enough time with the kids, guilt over using tv sometimes when the kids are too grumpy to stand, guilt over x y and z. Great list. No wonder I'm not funny anymore.

Where are the poop stories? The boogers have stopped so I can't even write about snot. My kids are apparently too well behaved right now, despite A's attempt to create the great flood in her crib the other night. It just doesn't make a whole blog entry. My pregnancy has become somewhat uneventful. You can only write about boobs, flatulence, sleep disturbances and ass growth so many times. So what's going on world? Are you trying to show me that my life is pretty boring? I mean even my mom hasn't given me any good stories as of recent. And she's usually a whole novel of crap unto herself.

Well I guess I'll just close my eyes and rest then. If my life is so serene and positive, other than the intense guilt mom factor, then I might as well quit trying to be funny. Maybe then my life will get funny again?


  1. Oh, don't fret. Not having funny stuff to write about only means your life is not so drama filled. Just think of it as a time to rest and gather your energies for when crap hits the fan again...and it will, dear, it will. In the meantime, keep blogging. Showing the world you have boring, serene moments only lets them know that sometimes, you are just like everyone else!

  2. I think it's all about how you look at it really. The fact that I broke the baby's crib today which means he will be prematurely moving into a big boy bed, or that my son just spilled a whole bag of shredded mini wheats on his head and my floor is not inherently funny, but when you think about it it sorta is. Just agree with me b/c if it's not funny then it's sad and I really can't deal with that right now.

  3. think about some other things that could be fun to write about; how you met your husband, things happening in your neck of the woods, growing up memories, etc. People like to read those thing too to learn more about their blogging friends :)


  4. Oh, I bet funny things abound at your house with three little ones. Sending you a cocktail to help your creativity.