Thursday, August 27, 2009

art break

We tried to entertain them with art one morning, you can see the play dough and fingerpainting J was trying to maintain control over simultaneously.
While the art was a success, all over the paper, their clothes and the deck furniture...
It was barely 45 minutes of entertainment. In a 3 hour morning. Good lord children have the attention span of gnats. And naturally, we had literally nothing else with which to entertain them besides our silly smiles and exhausted clown faces.

We have found that we must take them somewhere where they can run approximately 8 miles total in a small containable area in the mornings, or else the day goes to hell. They are all going to be marathoners, it's clear. While the rest of us will be in physical therapy for the next few months....


  1. so cute!! at least you tried with the art; they are a bit young to sit still for any length of time. They are on the go and wanting to exert their new found skills of walking, running, climbing, etc. and then multiple that by 3!


  2. 8 miles. Yep sounds about right. If you want to get them good and tired, you should add rock climbing, bikinging, tumbling, and some sort of water play to that. Oh, and then you should feed 'em a HUGE meal. That should do it!