Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the road again

This house just isn't working anymore. 800 stairs up to get the kids out of bed, 800 stairs up every time someone needs to be helped back to sleep, 800 stairs up for every nap. 800 stairs down to take a walk to the park, drive to the Dr.'s office, go to the zoo, go to the grandparents house.

When we thought we were only having one kid at a time, this seemed reasonable. And, truth be told, you are not going to find a house in SF without the 800 stairs. But I'm getting old. And I have three kids at once. Early on, I could carry two at a time to reduce my stair running by one trip. Heck, in an emergency I had a laundry basket plan for all three. I often contemplated installing some sort of rope and pulley system though, because when they were taking 3 naps a day that meant running the stairs with them 4 times a day minimum. Too bad I don't have a tight ass to show for it. I guess the sitting on the sofa every other possible second of the day kind of counteracted the stairs.

So our beautiful 1914 house, with custom paint on the inside, a mural to beat all in the nursery and neighbors I've bonded with over the last couple of years? Going to have to be sold. We are going to have to move to the 'burbs. Not only to find a house with fewer stairs but to afford a bigger house with enough bedrooms. A house with an office for my husband so our marriage can survive another decade. A house with a yard and kids playing in the street and schools you don't have to play a lottery system to get into. Well it does sound good in a lot of ways.

But I had intended on living here forever. Everyone but me bought that one. I thought that mural would be painted over maybe when the kids were 9. Maybe. It is the hardest thing to let go of.

That and moving away from my BFF. Sniff.


  1. that mural is beautiful! I'm so sorry, but I can see your dilemma if you need a bigger house, nicer yard for the kids to play in, office for your hubby, etc. the stairs alone would be the deciding factor for me, especially that it seems there are lots of them in your house and you are constantly going up and down them in the course of your normal daily activities. House hunting is exciting too! I bet you'll find something you will love and call home; and if it is close enough, your BFF will be able to come and visit (unless your BFF is the house, couldn't quite figure that one out if you meant a BFF human friend or house friend; forgive me, its morning, just getting the brain working)

    good luck with house hunting and moving!


  2. I'm not quite so pathetic as to call my house my BFF. No really.

  3. What a bitter sweet. I know what you are going through, we are selling our house too as you know. It often makes me sad to leave it but excited to move into something that fits our needs better. And enough bedrooms is important. ;0) That mural is beautiful!

  4. Stairs would be a huge factor in a house. I am sure that you will find a more suitable house for your family! That mural is beautiful and wish you could just take it with you. Goodluck in selling and buying a new house!

  5. Dude, this totally sucks. Knew it was coming, but totally sucks.

  6. Ahhh....I feel for you! Sorry its time to move along. But 800 stairs with three munchkins is about 790 stairs too many.

  7. Mira...don't go! :( I have to say, though, that we are in the same dilemma. My husband is fighting hard to stay in SF, but I can see the burbs being a part of our future, at some point. Where are you thinking of moving? Maybe we'll end up in the same burbs? :)