Sunday, August 16, 2009

Slacker Sunday photo

This was not a week I could pick one picture. So lucky you!
All dressed up to go to music class (it was dress up day!) But I have just one question:
Why does this kid like stuff on his head so much? Is it going to be a problem?
And another question: Do you think she's going to kick my ass? Sure looks like it.
As for this kid? Loves him some giraffe costume. Might be the only normal one.

Unless we screw him up by dressing him in chaps.


  1. Mira they are so stinkin cute! The picture of your daughter cracks me up!!! Love it!

  2., they are funny! And yes, your daughter looks like a tough little chick. I would not mess with her!

  3. Besides the fact they are ADORABLE, I did think she looked like she was going to give you five across the lip. LOL.