Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You feel calm, veeeery calm..

"They" say that when a kid is defying you by not listening or even reacting to the fact that words are coming out of your face that the worst thing you can do is yell. They list a bunch of other things you shouldn't do, but they actually said yelling was the worst. Because, of course, the little bugger is trying to get a reaction out of you. And yelling? Doesn't scare him yet. He doesn't know that in a few months, when he's emotionally ready to understand punishment? Yelling will be the warning that its comin' on and you'd better get ready for some pain. Emotional pain that is of course. You know, the suffering that comes from sitting on the naughty step and all.

But, really? How am I not supposed to yell? J is grabbing B by the collar of his shirt and pulling pulling yanking dragging him down to the ground because he feels like it and I'm all "J....J.........J.......J.... GODDAMIT J I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!

Because I know he can hear me. He passed his hearing test just fine. He hears the call to dinner just fine. He hears me tiptoeing through his room at night just fine. That boy just wants to kick his brother's butt and there will be no stopping other than physically prying his tight little fists finger by finger from his brother's shirt. This sibling rivalry starts early and it ain't pretty.

I'm just kind of concerned about how it's going to go down when they're 8. Because they'll know judo and ninja moves by then. How many trips to the hospital am I in for between the two of them fighting over stuff? Not to mention the usual silly boy antics that crack open skulls on a regular basis.

But not yelling? That might send me to the hospital. The mental ward. I am a yelly person. If I have to maintain some sort of weird unnatural calm in order to have control over these kids? I'm doomed. And I'd rather screw them up a bit than end up in the padded cell.

I'm just sayin'. Listen to your mother. It's better for your health.


  1. Oh trust me, before my on learned to open his mouth and speak, I always thought I'd always be a calm mom who never yells at her kid. But when he learned to talk..and think...and be a smarty-pants, yea, I learned to embrace the yeller in me. I don't do it as often as I thought I would, but I do have my moments. And with three in tow like you, I totally understand!

  2. At least it is a fair fight between the boys. When Xavier and his little buddy tussle around we just let it go for them to work out unless major wounds are being caused. When its Xavier vs. the 8 month old I'm a little more apt to intervene -- but even then I find that they are like little puppies and sort of enjoy stepping all over each other.

    As for the yelling, I have no advice to give. Let me know when you figure it out. I have the same struggle.

  3. Oh I yell and then the boys yell back at me. It's not pretty! I wish I had taken that advise earlier in life and not let them and there little antics get too me. Boys wrestle so get used to that. It's hard not to yell!

  4. Dude, this is what time out is FOR. Well, that and yelling.