Friday, August 7, 2009

Great green meanie

Why does mommy always have to be the 'tough guy?' The police officer, the law enforcement, the mean guy, the punishment provider? I mean, here I am, before even punishments can be doled out, feeling like the bad guy.

I'm talking about being firm and 'training' the kids not to play me. I'm talking about being the only one who can resist a temper tantrum thrower until they're done. Somehow, I end up feeling like the mean mommy seeing as how I won't let Grandma pick the screaming fit thrower up and Grandpa has already left the room.

Not to mention that I have the least patience in any situation where whining, fussing, sobbing, squealing or angry yelling is going on. Yes, I know, it's easier to be patient when you get to go home at the end of the day, but its only just beginning!

So it seems to carry on, this age old tradition of mom being the bad guy who metes out the punishment or the mean rules that don't allow you to pick up my wailing child. I guess it's really because we can read them so well. I know perfectly well the difference between a tantrum and real upset. I am perfectly comfortable sitting with them during the tantrum but there will be no comforting, patting, picking up, entertaining, or sweet talk. These kids gotta work it out themselves and they had better catch on quick that momma ain't buying that basket of goods. But why do I feel so mean?


  1. I have zero patience for tantrums. I need to work on that. I dont like playing the bad guy either but we do it because we have to. Why do agonize of every decision we make for you babies?? Ah, motherhood.

  2. Don't let them play you! YOU are in charge.

  3. You feel mean because you are a great mom. But stick to your guns, lady!

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  5. We feel mean because they try so freakin' hard. I mean, they give it all they have. They exert energy and passion and heart and this amazing stamina we'd pay money just to taste. And in the end, the answer is still "no."

    Don't feel bad (says another mean mommy), you're doing a fantastic job!

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    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  7. triplets! omg, how cute :-) well, to someone with no children it's cute ;-)

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!