Thursday, August 20, 2009

What can you say?

We go for our one and a half year check up on Friday. We love these particularly because it gives the pediatrician a chance to laugh at my paranoid mommy questions and make me feel like my kids are doing just fine. At least for a day. But we have a problem. We don't talk yet.

I mean A has 2 or 3 words, B has the same, and J? Well he's never in a hurry to do anything first so he sure isn't going to say anything first. He says one word reliably: ball. Without the 'll' of course. I got him to say 'bear' once although it was just a variation on the ba sound since the 'r' isn't going to come so easily. A and B say 'baby' which I think is due to the nanny bringing her baby along most days to care for them. And B definitely likes saying "no" which so far we maintain is a fun word and seems slightly meaningless to him. Tonight at dinner he and I went into a rousing chorus of "no's" while we both laughed. I hope to keep fooling him that it's a fun word for a long time yet.

I'm beginning to believe there are some happy accidents that may be the beginning of words though. Every once in a blue moon B repeats "thank you" back to the person who said it to him. But try as you might, he will never ever ever say it again. Until some time the next week when he feels like it. So you never quite believe you've heard it. But wouldn't it say something about his mommy if one of his first words was "thank you?" I think I'd claim all the credit.

So what if the doctor says we're behind? What if we have to go in for testing? I like children who excel. Well, who doesn't? So far we've been the biggest, tallest babies and I've taken that like they are exceeding expectations. Like growth patterns are some kind of achievement I can take credit for. But honestly? With all the guilt I carry as a mom? Let me take credit for something I'm doing right. I mean clearly I'm feeding them well and not pounding them on the heads with a mallet to keep them small. That's a good thing right?

So I walk in with trepidation. Maybe he'll say that it's normal for triplets to be this behind. Maybe he'll suggest testing isn't a bad idea, just to make sure. Maybe the shots wont hurt. A girl can dream.


  1. LMAO!! Believe what everyone says..

    you will have them talking in no time and then wish they would SHUT UP!!! My boys are teens now...

    they things that they say!!

  2. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Wow saying Thank you at 18 months is great! I don't think they are "behind" by any means and at leat they speak sounds which is important. They will talk when it's time - see what the doctor says and go from there!

  3. Dude, A is like the smartest toddler I've ever met. And why would talking be some sort of indication of intelligence? The smartest kids in law school were the ones who kept their mouths shut and didn't try to show off what they knew.

  4. 'you will have them talking in no time and then wish they would SHUT UP!!! My boys are teens now...'

    I have teenagers too! Don't worry. They will talk...and talk..and talk. Early or later won't matter. With or without help.

    Your precious, little angels are going to give you plenty of great stories about the crazy things they will say!

  5. like I said before, I really don't think your kids are behind in their talking; I'd be concerned at 24 months if they weren't saying anything, but they are only 18 months old; I just realized, that wouldn't be fun with 3 babies getting shots at the same time......that would be very hard to deal with......


  6. Both of my girls were late talkers and now they NEVER stop talking! LOL! Don't worry, it will all work out.