Monday, August 24, 2009

Train Town.....Woo Woo!

Daddy, B, Mommy, J, Grandma, A, strangers plus baby
Daddy and B, Mommy and J
Grandpa and A

A successful morning and a lazy afternoon recovering. It sure takes everything out of a 5 man team keeping triplets occupied at an 'amusement park.' Just ask us when we try to pry ourselves out of bed tomorrow. Oh god, there is a whole tomorrow to fill too isn't there?


  1. LOL! but love the looks on all of your family's faces! they look like they are having FUN!


  2. And...wait until there is another little person added to that mix! You, my high-energy-having-bloggy-land friend have your work cut out for you. And yet, there you are, still smiling. How do you do it?!

  3. You guys look great. A is the spitting image of you. Perhaps today simpler fun will be in order to let the big folks rest: shoebox of rice and paper cups anyone?

  4. Glad to see you guys are enjoying your trip! Looking forward to seeing more pictures! :)


  5. Great pics Mira! Glad all is going well.