Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thunder dome

Oh yay, the kids have come up with a new and exciting way to drive me crazy at 6:30 am: they lay on their backs in their cribs and kick the gate side, which then rattles like thunder through the house. Imagine three at once. I should be proud that they are creative and inventive, no? I should be impressed by their imaginations, but you know? I think I'd rather sleep.

And, naturally, I can't do much to stop them because if they get attention from it, negative or positive, it will just be more fun. So, no yelling, threatening, begging, pleading or even tying them down to their beds will do. (The latter mostly because I'd get arrested.) So we get to 'live through it.' We get to ignore it and hope that even though there are three of them to cheer each other on and give them the reinforcement that they need to keep wanting to do it, they will get bored of it eventually.

Or the gates to the cribs will fall off and we will have insta-toddler beds. That would be great. Three kids running loose in their bedroom at all hours of the night. FAN-effing-TASTIC.

Wouldn't puppies have been easier?


  1. Sure puppies would have been easier - at first. But puppies never learn to crap in a toilet and your trio just might accomplish that feat in the next two or three years. I say, that alone is worth three babies over three puppies. But that's just me, because sometimes I think I'd take three cats over three babies.

  2. I already have 3 cats. So much for that idea.

  3. LOL!!!! I can send a bottle of wine or some earplugs? And our 2 year old does that too. NEAT. Sounds extra better before 7 am

  4. can you put up some type of padding that would soften the sound??


  5. Ohhhhh. That seems like quite a fun game for the toddlers.. but not for you maybe!!

    I think puppies, or kittens for that matter, would've been even naughtier..