Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Movin' movin' movin'

Trying to conceive of getting my house ready for sale while there are still three toddlers running around is complicated. I will not make my life 10 times harder on a daily basis for the sake of 1 or 2 open houses a week which may or may not bring customers rather than 'lookie-loos' from the neighborhood. I am aware that I have to de-clutter, which will be nice regardless for all of us. It is amazing how you can live in a place and not notice how much crap you've accumulated that doesn't need to be there.

After getting in the habit of dumping stuff on the front hall bench you forget that it all belongs elsewhere. It's surprising also to find that most of it is garbage or could be gotten rid of. And God bless the inventor of 'totes' or the big old tupperware tubs you can store things in because I am going to need a lot of them. But to find old coats from the nanny that quit suddenly 3 months ago on it? Makes you wonder why they weren't burnt in the bonfire exorcism I performed after she left.

But there are many things that just can't get put away. The changing table, for example, has to have lotions and creams and medications and wipes and sanitizer and so on. Do I put it all in tubs and stuff them under the table just before open houses? Exactly how many boxes of crap am I going to have to relocate to the basement every time we have an open house? I suppose I'm lucky I live in a city where they only show houses by open house rather than lockboxes that mean people could look at my house any old day. But I suspect I am going to be doing a lot of carrying up and down stairs (kinda the point of moving was avoiding that?) And a lot of driving the kids up to Petaluma for the day to get them out of the house.

The other trick is how to not lose money. We have not lived here long enough, or rather in the right economy to sell for more than we bought it for. We have lived here long enough to create permanent damage and wear and tear on the place. Meanwhile we have installed miles of baby proof gates in all doorways and stair entrances. I know that makes for an attractive house showing. I'll have to be careful that the house doesn't smell like poop, sleepy children, diaper pails of urine soaked diapers or recently cooked broccoli. I need to find me one of those candles that smells like freshly baked cookies. No really.

I am getting excited about a new house though, because so far almost every one I've seen online has a much nicer mommy bathroom. Mommy likes this. A bathtub that would fit all of my appendages? Heaven. A house with enough rooms to have a scrapbooking room for me? Delightful! This one has a laundry room bigger than my current kitchen. Sad, I know, but that excites me like nothing else. Laundry being done in the hallway? Bites.

So, I will return some day to topics other than this, but for now I'm trying to wrap my brain around all the stuff I have to do in the next month just in case I find my dream house tomorrow. Anyone know a good organizer?


  1. I am sorry selling and moving is not fun, especially with 3 toddlers. But it will all work out and you will end up with a beautiful house with big bath tubs and great laundry roooms!!

  2. We went thorugh this same boat that you are just about to set sail on. I guess the hardest part is getting the house real estate ready - especially with 3 kids. Mine aren't mobile yet though which makes it a little easier. We haven't packed up everything and moved it out yet either so ask me in another 3 or 4 months!
    Good luck!

  3. I'm sure you could hire Ellen to organize for you...

  4. we've sold 2 houses in our married life; the first house sold one afternoon when I had triplets over (remember the ones next door I told you about) plus 3 sons of a friend of mine plus my 2 kids; 8 kids. Toys all around. Only time the person could come for the showing. I said I couldn't take 8 kids some place while the house was shown. The people loved it because they had 2 young kids and thought it would work out great for them.

    second house was when we moved from Montana to So. Calif. 3 years ago. We had been in that house almost 8 years and hadn't done much (nothing) to it to spruce it up. We were going to start painting, new carpet, etc but then hubby got job offer down here. We sold the house "as is" and the first person who saw it put an offer on it higher than our asking price because they needed a bigger house for their growing family and this was in the price range they could afford; they were willing to do the sprucing up.

    so you just never know. I don't know what the balance is between pristine and lived in for showings. it is a harder economy though to sell in these days (at least here in So. Calif)

    maybe you can set aside one room where you and your kids can be when someone comes for a showing; I can't imagine the nightmare it would be to try to cart the kids out of the house for each and every showing; you'll go crazy, I'm sure!

    too bad I don't live closer; I'd love to help organize


  5. Good luck with the sale! I would love to have someone come organize my house for me. Ahhh, one can dream.

  6. Hope the sale is a big success. I am a fabulous organizer alas, too far away to help!
    Good luck with everything you have happening Mira. Cant wait to see the new house.

  7. Good luck to you! Moving is stressful. I couldn't imagine doing it with three little one. Just keep your eye on the prize and you'll get through it.

  8. Wow, you have your hands full!
    Best of luck with the openhouse and house search!

    Sassy Chica

    P.S-Love the pic on the border of your blog...

  9. Part of the reason Hubby and I left SF. Did I tell you his family still lives in Pacifica? We couldn't afford a house with a yard unless we moved to Richmond or the East Bay (which woulda been ok, except for the lovely crime we encountered, since I taught in Oakland), and the East Bay only seems to be affordable in the not so pleasant neighborhoods. But, anyway, good luck. In other news, I left you a little treat on my blog today so feel free to enjoy it!